Friday, 23 March 2012

kino residency: event 2

So this is my second event at Cafe Kino and it will take place at 7pm on Saturday the 28th of April. It will be a Music and Pictures type event, similar to the ones we used to hold in the Scout Hut. There will be music and artwork hanging from bulldog clips around the room. I have also arranged for Kino to provide a little bit of free tea and cake for people. This will be the first of three unique Tiger & Panda performances that will take place over this year and will be recorded by Phil Dodd.

Tiger & Panda are Oliver Watson and Henry Ireland respectively. They have been playing together as Tiger & Panda since 2007. In 2009, David Burke joined the band as ‘Ox’. Steve ‘Otter’ Brett will also join them for this gig. They try to change their music a little between each performance and recording. Their performance on Saturday the 28th of April will be the first of three completely unique Tiger & Panda performances that will take place at Café Kino over the course of 2012. These three performances will recorded on 4-track tape by Philip Dodd. At the end of the year, a copy of these recordings will be given to Café Kino as a thank you. They will also probably be made available to listen to and purchase, most likely through Polite Records.

Vase is a project by Stephen Lane. He will be joined on the 28th by George McKenzie. In 2004, Lollipop Michael Keane wrote a review of Vase in which he said, “Vase actually is the Chippenham underground scene.” Since then, Stephen has relocated to Norwich, but he has maintained close ties with Bristol and its music. His songs are hushed, softly spoken over gently plucked Spanish guitar, often with some other instrumentation. Vase has released six cassette albums, five CD-R albums and two 7" vinyl records on hand idiom recordings.

Land’s End is Matthew Cheney. Matthew is best known for Arctic Circle, players of dreamy electronic pop. When I saw Land’s End play, it was a lovely wall of spidery looped guitar and voice, including a Syd Barrett cover. Matthew is still preparing what he will perform on the 28th, but I can guarantee it will be amazing!

Headfall: ‘We’re not low-key, we’re no-key’. Headfall are a tight-loose noise collage with hypnotic rhythms, soft spoken word, shrieked vocals, jagged guitar, melodic guitar, squealing clarinet and super amazing harmonies that fly out of nowhere.

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