Sunday, 29 March 2009

scout stuff

Last night was the third Music and Pictures and this time I remembered to photograph some of it. I'm sorry that some of the photos are poor...

Tom Durrant

Bob Notley

Felix Frith

Stephen Daoud

Jennifer Campbell

Joanna Fernandes

Bisi Wakeham

Henry Ireland

This was an amazing night thanks to the people who exhibited, the people who played and the people who came to see it.


bob notley said...

looks brilliant henry and ollie

well done and thanks for showing my work there
i love the gun story post, this must be expanded ask all your friends to kill you???

hrjireland said...

that's a brilliant idea!
i'll get on that...
thanks so much for dropping off your work bob. it looked incredible! people were loving it. it was great to see you and made my nerves go briefly.