Sunday, 29 March 2009

Bob's Story

Before yesterday's art show, Bob Notley wrote me this story, using the Jane's Guns recognition guide as a reference. I have added the pages to which he refers.

Me and Henry were sitting on the common, camoflage and waiting for birds above. I had the Danuvia M43, Page 232, he had a High Standard USA Page 79, Which was inapropriate. I let henry try out my Danuvia, he hurt his shoulder as the weapon kicked back and bruised himself. I comforted him about this but he was in pain, the bird also got away. henry was worried and felt anxious his bruise affected his breathing and slowly he built up a panic attack. 3 hours later he was dead in the back of Volvo, the Volvo was on the way to hospital but broke down, he suffocated.

Pages from Jane's Guns Recognition Guide , Ian Hogg, Rob Adam

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