Saturday, 21 June 2014

polite podcast no.6

This is the second episode of a second series ('series') of polite podcasts. Things are as they were. There will be four shows, this time in the summer months and I will be publishing them in the mornings, not the evenings.

This episode was published on 21st June at 4.43AM, which is sunrise on the year's longest day. the next episode will be ay 8AM on the 16th of July. No special occasion this time, but it will be the last day that we are on tour.


from Polite Podcasts, released 30 September 2013
We're Doing it - Ace Bushy Striptease
Mao's Dynasty'sdynasty.html
Dirty White Van - King of Cats
The Girls of Summer - Hugh John Noble

Interviews - Gef Lucena (Saydisc Records: ); Nicol Parkinson

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