Wednesday, 1 January 2014

polite podcast no.4

Hello, this is the fourth and final polite podcast. It contains songs by different people, oral histories and field recordings. I will be releasing an episode in the last hour of every month until the end of this year. So that's four episodes in total, okay? Okay!


from Polite Podcasts, track released 31 December 2013
ribbons (live): palomica
untitled: headfall
mackerel sky: the living end!
sea air/five roses (live): palomica
eugene v. debbs: grizzly and the bears
in the winter: frozy
the snowfall which promised so much (yet gave so little):
untitled: roxy brennan; steve brett; henry ireland; nicol parkinson
ferris wheel (live): palomica
coffee machines (live): palomica

interviews: Florence Carson; Mike Lollipop; Karis Clapperton; Jack Horton

sounds and recordings sourced by Henry Ireland and Nicol Parkinson

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