Tuesday, 20 November 2012

kino residency: exhibition

 So, the Next event of my residency at Cafe Kino will be on Sunday the 25th of November (this Sunday) from 2pm
hey, come to a bunch of stuff at cafe kino with lots of everything everywhere!

i'm gonna hang an exhibition i think and there will be musicians and all...

t w o   w h i t e   c r a n e s | upstairs
roxy has been touring japan and meeting her new nephew and she is sure to have some amazing stories and excellent songs for us.

g e o r g e ' s   r e e l - t o - r e e l | downstairs
george has promised to perform his giant tape loop in kino's basement. he is the king of sound.

n i c o l   p a r k i n s o n   (frozy) | upstairs
nicol will be playing without irina and rhiannon, who are not around, but he will hopefully be joined by lots of friends. also, it's his birthday!

d j   c u p c a k e | downstairs
lisa will flip the black pancake and drop the needle in all of the latest and most up to date manners.

t i g e r   &   p a n d a | upstairs
we're going to meet up tomorrow and come up with two sets. the upstairs one with involve songs and hopefully some pals.

w e   w a n t e d   t o   b e   l i o n s | downstairs
jack writes plays and makes beats and is planning a special sound and spoken word performance down in the basement.

t i g e r   &   p a n d a | downstairs
so the second thing will have drums i think and remember, phil dodd will be recording the music on his 4-track casette-o-matic.


while this is going on, i guess i'll go around kino and hang pictures throughout the day, so the exhibition will be growing over time... i hope.

performance times to come!

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