Monday, 3 September 2012

kino residency: music and movies

On Saturday the 25th of August 2012, Rachael Dadd and Ichi played at Cafe Kino as part of A Year With Henry Ireland. It was such a great evening of songs and short films and animations and it was Rachael's last gig before the birth of her and Ichi's baby!

I played a set of new songs on three instruments: A mandolin made by my grandpa, a ukulele that was my first guitar, and a banjo bought by my great grandfather when he ran away from home. Then I told a half improvised story based on conversations with people I had had with people in Cafe Kino that week. I finished the set by playing two short films: one animation I have since uploaded to youtube, and a recent music video made by Tiger & Panda that I will make available soon.

Ichi's set included instruments he had created specially for this show, including trumpet/harp combo and concluded with Ichi knocking a golf ball down the neck of his double bass and into his steal drum where it played melodies at random as it rolled around inside. The whole performance was full of noise, energy and humour and it was great to see Ichi joined on stage by Rachael for some sweet musical moments!

Rachael played lots of new songs with the help of a full band and she and Ichi also played a live accompaniment to Rachael's Balloon video as well as hand painted animations by her sister, Betsey Dadd. The most exciting part of the evening for me was seeing them joined on stage by a skype video of Kanoko Inoue and Aaron Sewards, playing a special song from Japan that Rachael and Ichi played along to.

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