Monday, 9 July 2012


Things are far apart and dark in between. We start to worry about money and the fact that we were spending two nights here but I think it was because we are tired and have had a bad first impression of the city. Our room is actually nice and large and quiet and I am beginning to like the city I see out of the window.

The newspapers are clipped in wooden frames. I noticed this in Copenhagen as well. We both have croissants with butter and jam and unexpectedly large cups of coffee. We take our time with breakfast.

There are many bakeries around and we meet a kind man in a dog supplies shop who gives us lollies.

I am nervous about renting a rowing boat but know that I would regret missing it.The lake is very beautiful but there is no time to appreciate it while rowing. Frances rows first and is the better of the two of us. It occurs to me afterwards that it was strange that no one else was using these boats. The swell on the water is greater than we had expected. Frances laughs nervously as I struggle and Struggle against it. We eventually find that a team rowing effort is the best.

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