Tuesday, 24 July 2012


We go back to the train station and reserve couchettes for the train to Munich on Sunday. Then we have enormous  pastries for breakfast. We should have just shared one. There is a quick train to Unter Den Linden and we wander past old buildings and museums. We have lunch from a stand under the U-bahn. It has been a good morning after a strange start.

There are lots of dogs around town, which Frances especially enjoys. She would like an ice cream and in the morning we visit the Stasi Mueum. The atmosphere is bleak and overbearing around the complex that was the Secret Police headquarters

We head to Samaritestrasse to visit the record store from last time. They have so many good things but I won't buy anything this time. 

Frances noticed the sky was grey in three separate layers. We watched the opening of Oktoberfest on television. It looks crazy. I enjoyed walking through Alexanderplatz this evening with the TV tower all lit up.

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