Tuesday, 26 June 2012

goodbye party

Kate and David are leaving London and we want to have a goodbye party. Also, Two White Cranes and Trust Fund are touring and we want to put on a gig...

So Come to our gig at The Betsey Trotwood on saturday the 21st of July and we'll have a dance party afterwards!

T W O    W H I T E   C R A N E S

Roxanne Brennan's most recent songs and her best yet. The two white cranes are big construction cranes that Roxy walks beneath most days. She mostly sings and plays alsone. Her words match the sound of her singing and playing in beautiful quality. Every time I see her play, I am blown away by how good she is.

T R U S T    F U N D

Trust Fund plays quiet, lo-fi, miserablist R'n'B with a guitar, a keyboard and a tiny sampler. Ellis says: 'His songs are failed attempts to relive the past'.

Morbison is the solo project of Chris Nicholls of An Axe. It's sure to be doomy, boomy and swimming in reverb.

T I G E R   &   P A N D A   &   O X   &    G O A T
Joined this time on drums by Peter 'Goat' Burke, Tiger & Panda & Ox's lineup and musical arrangements change regularly, so they never get to know their songs too well before they change. This is probably 'Ox' or 'David' s last show with them before moving to Ireland with Kate. Come and help us make it fun!

Doors at 7pm sharp!

 £5 Entry

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