Monday, 21 May 2012

copenhagen & ferry

 photo by France Dixon

 photo by Frances Dixon

Bicycles are lent in every available space and copper spires turning brown to turquoise are all around. I had a pastry for breakfast and Frances had a boiled egg. She had a nice little loaf of bread with it. We wander about and there are many cobbles and ruddy brick buildings and green streaked copper roofs that billow at the bottom.

We are sitting in the quiet carriage and people around us a speaking softly in German and a mixture of Scandinavian languages. I will miss the softness and the understatement and the rest. We can see the sea on either side of the train and rain water is running across the windows. It is all grey and blue. 

We are unexpectedly on a ferry between Denmark and Germany! We go outside and are blown about. I can feel the salt in my hair. Everything is blue plastic and wet. We hold onto each other to approach the rail. The ferry churns the water and huge white plumes burst on the black surface. In the distance, the sky blurs into the sea.

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