Monday, 30 April 2012

kino residency: music and pictures

this photo may have been taken by phil dodd

land's end (photo by olly watson)
photo by olly watson
 photo by william ireland

On Saturday I held the second event of my residency at Cafe Kino. I was really nervous but I think it was good. Lots of people came and everyone played really well and the artwork looked great! I've put links to the musicians under their pictures where possible, but I'd also like to mention the people who hung artworks: Oliver watson, Stephanie Newman, Michal William, Amy Parsons and Daniel Parsons.

The whole thing was recorded expertly by Philip Dodd onto four track tape and the sound was doen by a combinations of George, Michal, Lisa and Phil. And at one point, my Mum was doing the door. Thanks everyone for making it great! 

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phildodd said...

I should make it known that I did not take that photo. I don't want to go taking credit for someone else's work.