Monday, 20 February 2012

kino residency: a lecture about language

design by Michal William, photo by Frances Dixon

On the evening of Sunday the 12th of February, I held the first event of my residency in the basement of Cafe Kino. This was an introductory lecture about language with some information about me and the 'encyclopedia' performance that I was going to be carrying out in the basement for the week starting the day after this event. After I'd done my lecture, there was music from Will Newsome (Wig Smith) and Matt Loveridge (MXLX). Thanks a lot to Will and Matt, who were both incredible and played better than I ever could have hoped. And thanks a lot everyone who made it along. I will be typing up a transcript of the lecture to go with the final product (book) of 'encyclopedia'.

Will Newsome (Wig Smith)

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