Wednesday, 25 January 2012

kino residency: event 1

I have organised my first event at Cafe Kino to take place between Sunday the 12th of February and Friday the 17th. The main event is a five day performance called encyclopedia. On the Sunday before this performance begins, I will be giving an explanation and lecture about language and communication, followed by performances by MXLX and Wig Smith:

MXLX is the most recent incarnation of Matt Loveridge. Matt’s experimental, often loop and noise-laden, compositions are eclectic and often highly ambitious. He plays guitar in Beak> and bass in Yoshy! Recently he released a three part piano drone piece under his own name on Stitch-Stitch Records. It was called ‘Atworth’, named after Atworth church in Wiltshire, where it was recorded. Each composition he creates contains an inventiveness, originality and thoughtfulness that gives them all a truly unique beauty, sometimes in stark contrast to the brutal sounds that go into their construction. Matt has will be playing an acoustic piece of work, making use of improvised chanting.

Wig Smith is the solo moniker of kora player Will Newsome. Will is perhaps best known as one half of The Hand. He plays a variety of folk instruments, his songs are collections of stories and often contain little known facts and pieces of folklore. His first solo album, entitled ‘A Means of Escape through a Hedge’ was released in April 2010. Will is playing at Kino again on Friday the 17th, supporting Vialka. This gig just happens to coincide with the completion of the encyclopaedia performance. Will is going to to link his two performances, giving a pleasing symmetry to the whole thing!

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