Monday, 1 August 2011


It's been a while since I last wrote on here because it's been a while since I last had something new to talk about. I just got done working at a long and busy exhibition and I'm getting back to some of my own work.

I've been asked to contribute a piece of work to a publication by Black Horse Road Studio, on the subject of working/living spaces. I've started making collections (as above) of my items from my work space and things from my surrounding living space, which feed into the work I make. I'm hoping this will turn into something more, wherein the objects bear some connection, but at the moment I'm just enjoying composing disparate objects into one board.

The above is inspired partly by a painting by Miro and by the collections of Camilla Engman, though I'm hoping that they will become more my own after a bit more experimenting. It may not look like this at all by the end.

Recently, the instrumental 'scout hut' from Tiger & Panda's Dowry 10" was played on Edinburgh Man Podcast # 65, which I recommend in general.


phildodd said...

This reminds me a bit of a Cornell box. But weirdly, it reminds me more of the fake ones in one of the later Neuromancer novels rather than any of Cornell's real boxes...

hrjireland said...

i love those things, and cabinets of curiosities. that patchwork i made had a load of that stuff. good comment, phil!