Monday, 9 May 2011

secret gallery installation idea

I work in an art gallery an an invigilator. One thing I am sure of is that many art gallery invigilators are also artists. While working on an upcoming project about working in art galleries, I had this idea.

It occurred to me that most artists who work as invigilators would love to have their work displayed in the galleries they work at. But, in the case of most, this is not going to happen. Unless you find an ingenious way to display your work surreptitiously, working it into your everyday routine. For most invigi
lators, the main part of their work routine is reading. So here you go:

create your composition to fit the dimensions of the book you are currently reading, then fold around the existing cover of the book.

Here is my design. It is a lino-cut, and I have turned the spine of the book into a brick wall to add some structure (not a pun... Well, maybe) to it.

Pictures of my piece 'installed' in galleries soon!

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