Sunday, 18 April 2010

book art fayre and prism vol 1. issue 2

This Saturday was the Ffotogallery Book Art Fayre. It was a really lovely day, and also the release day for Vol.1 Issue. 2 of Prism zine, conceived by Rosa Tyhurst. I had a very nice day, met some very nice people and went for a very nice walk with Steve and Jo. I think I'll probably be giving the book fairs a rest for a while, while I'm working on a bigger project than usual. There will be other stuff going on before that, however, so there should be plenty to blog.

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Phil Dodd said...

Glad the fair went well Henry. It pretty damn impressive seeing your stuff laid out like that.

What's the big project?

Also, I'm psyched about our thing. I'm going to write out some plans for it while I'm riding the wave of enthusiasm for it.