Monday, 8 February 2010

Little Paper Planes

San Francisco based Little Paper Planes are now stocking my work on their online store. I sent them a few copies of The Object & Eternity and Village Pub Cinema. I will soon be adding a menu bar of distros where my work can be purchased.

Also, I will be holding a stall at the Stour Space Designers Market, on the 27th of February. Copies of Food Chain #1 and Rosa Tyhurst's project should hopefully be ready to sell by then.

Coming up soon, I'll be doing a photography project that is exclusive to this blog. It will be nice to make a post that isn't just an update.


RT said...

heyyy is that the one i emailed you about ? (or did you know about it before?) can i give you some stuff? i'll make the deadline for prism then so it'll HAVE to be done!!

hrjireland said...

just emailed you about this. definately want to sell prism and anything else you've got!