Thursday, 14 January 2010

long week

Felix Frith's wall at the New Contemporaries exhibition in November

It has been a long week already, but I wanted to include some work that wasn't mine, so I've uploaded an image from an exhibition I attended last year that included the work of Felix Frith. Now I'm going to write a short list what's been happening this week.

I created a Folksy Shop. I'll add it to this page as a link shortly.

I contacted San Francisco based Art seller Little Paper Planes who have requested copies of The Object & Eternity and Village Pub Cinema to sell on their website. I sent them off today.

Olly and I visited our friend David to play some music and we formed a band, provisionally named 'Uncool'.

Tiger & Panda recorded a demo of a new EP to send to Phil Dodd, of Polite Records and the Boiler Room Brewery Blog. He will be recording us on the 30th and 31st of January for a 7" that will hopefully be ready by Autumn.


Phil Dodd said...

1) I will "be" you?

2) 'Uncool' is a good name for a band, and I like David's guitar.

3) the word verification thing i having me write the word 'neavent' is that a word?

Anonymous said...

世間唯一永恆的,就是改變 ....................................................