Tuesday, 3 February 2009

felix frith

Events such as dealing with the comparison of values in conversation can be subtle and crude where statements are mistaken and emotions or general states of comfort are the leaders of content, rather than any kind of intrinsic opinion. Stability or changeability of truth is therefore another issue I am concerned with. The many disparate and often heavy, sometimes trivial, assumptions that people make on a day-to-day basis seem highly unreliable and are not pursuits of truth at all. They appear to be pursuits of security or functionality; a way to satisfy the fear of the unknown and the instability the unknown brings. Being able to accept the fact that day-to-day assumptions can be wrong would promote the ability to live with the knowledge of the unknown.

By exposing various geometries of a subjective landscape/space, which tries to evoke and relate a wide variety of events and experiences, I hope to describe the relation between the self, the personal mind, and the idea of the other, the exterior person’s mind.

felix frith artist statement

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